> The psychology of pregnancy. Fear and anxiety how to deal with them.

I would Not, in these few lines, to list all the various psychological problems that can occur during this period, if, forò to succeedò to clarify some of the possible ways of being and feeling the woman who is expecting a baby, avrò achieved my purpose. the



These phrases can be the basis for all of the positive and negative of a pregnancy, the relationship with your partner and with the child who will haveà be born.

This is not, and I emphasize not, mean absolutely that a pregnancy happened, unintended and poorly accepted that this is the beginning of a bad relationship with her partner and with his son, the future. Numerous cases testify to the contrary.

Thereò that I want to say is that for a woman to seek to have clear ideas at a time così important and personal life of the couple, perhaps talking about it with someone (the family planning clinics have been set up on purpose), you can notò that make the future less problematic and more satisfying.

Also, we now know that a pregnancy, if lived well, sparing a pò time to themselves, the environment, peaceful family, it affects in a positive way on the baby, as confirmed by various studies, sleep more, eat better, è più calm, has fewer intestinal problems (gas colic), contracted minor infections and diseases.

Psychology in pregnancy.

This talk brings us to the problem of anxiety. In pregnancy the anxiety, cioè “thoughts”, “worries”, there are, as in every other moment of life, even if in this period interweave between them:

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  • The anxiety that relates to if same and the own lived-body: my body is transformed! not like più as a woman, canò continue to pleasure? Birth sarà really così painful? Sarò able to play the role of mother? If I die during childbirth? psychology in pregnancy
  • The child mustà born: avrà physical malformations? Avrà genetic defects? Avrà childbirth trauma?
  • the

  • anxiety related to the relationship with their partner: how will changeà our relationship with a child? Sarà for the better or the worse? Like never have changed sex? You canò be Mother and Woman? Sarà jealous of his son?

These uncertainties open the chapter of the sessualità and as it is lived in the pair the sessualità during pregnancy.

A pò all women live the sessualità in opposition to the maternityà. At this time decreases the satisfaction and frequency of sexual relations in a manner increasing, while decreases in più mild desire.

At this point, you canò also to conclude by saying that all these doubts and these anxieties and inner relations that change, if allowed to “hatch” inside of the sé can poison the “sweet anticipation” making così not so sweet.

The council è: SPEAK!

to Speak with an experienced person and capable, perhaps also involving your partner, you can notò that improve the situation.

This può be made, for example, inside of a “course of operations in video,” birth in which the figures of the Psychologist, the doctor and Midwife are generally present and arranged the interview.

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The feel good physically and psychologically, in addition to being a condition that all of us owe it to ourselves, the è even moreù in pregnancy where the woman is always herself, but tied to your child by the umbilical cord. The exchanges and the relationships between these two beings there are still largely unknown.

of Course is that more and moreù numerous studies confirm that there is a certain psychic life of the fetus inside the mother’s womb.

From this to think that the psychological states of the mother affect those of the fetus, the step is short. The future holds for us in this field, perhaps, surprises unimaginable today.

The women and future mothers, così how to give importance to the health and well-being of your body, they should start to give importance to their feel good from the psychological point of view with the awareness that this will be the basis of the psychological wellbeing of their child for the future years.

in The light of all this, it becomes extremely important to attend a course of operations in video, to the birth where it is possible to not only learn a technique that will be useful during labor and childbirth, but can also become a moment of meeting.

professional, prepared, and other women, living with the same feelings and the same emotions can make the course itself a container where you not only download their own anxieties, but where to look for a time of personal growth.

Pregnancy low risk: the information contained in the video, così as the text of the song correspond to, and reflect recommendations taken from the guidelines of the schools of the Sanità international.



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