> Cytomegalovirus infections in pregnancy, symptoms and treatments

Symptoms and treatment

Cosa è?

Cytomegalovirus is a virus that comes from the same strain of Herpes labialis, genital Herpes, the virus of chickenpox and infectious Mononucleosis.

infection with cytomegalovirus affects only human beings and, in a subject infected, the viruses resides in the faeces, in the blood, in the urine and in vaginal secretions, the oro-pharyngeal and cervical. The disease is transmitted by a direct contact with the infected person (rarely through objects).

Know that the transmission of the infection is facilitated because the disease is mainly asymptomatic, thus the infected person is unaware of being carriers of the virus.

Il sintomo

The più sometimes the disease begins with no symptoms, or with a symptomatology modest as a lightweight fever and a sense of fatigue.

In immunocompromised individuals, that is; with reduced immune defenses, the virus can; cause disturbances in più important.

having contracted the disease does not produce immunityà; in fact, once the phase of business activity; of the virus, the cytomegalovirus, assumes a stabilityà the latent within the body.

In a situation where the immune system is insufficient, the virus può continue its action.

cytomegalovirus in pregnancy

The test for the search of antibodies against cytomegalovirus is not è a total load of the National Health Service as not è included in the protocol ministerial examinations recommended during pregnancy.

Also in other european countries, così as in the United States, its execution is questioned. The virus is extremely frequent but the product of conception, può be severely damaged very rarely.

If carried out the examination for cytomegalovirus, ask yourself first what you will do if it is positive.

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Remember that often is a test of difficult to interpret and not è easy to understand when was the disease, if it is a new episode, or if you are suffering from a form of latent and/or chronic.

you May feel pushed to terminate the pregnancy in doubt, but remember that positive values low of the examination may persist for years and might have problems to locate a better time to start a new pregnancy.

our opinion is that it is still worth it to run a survey in the first quarter.

If this turn out to be positive both IgG and IgM, ask at a centre which specialises in infectious diseases in pregnancy that will help you decide if it is worth to stop pregnancy.

We believe that having a therapy né enough certainty, the execution of the examination in the weeks subsequent to the first quarter do not make the actual benefits in the management of pregnancy, physiological.



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