> Syphilis in pregnancy what is, how to treat it.



this is a disease that is transmitted through sexual intercourse and from mother to child during the intrauterine life.

The infectious agent is a bacillus of the genus Spirochete by the name of Treponema pallidum is easily destroyed by drying and by normal disinfectants.


The disease is initially expressed through an ulcer is indolent (not painful) which is accompanied by a significant swelling of lymph node (e.g. small ulcer on the vulva, the glands of the groin were very swollen).

In a few days the ulcer heals without a trace but after a few weeks is presenterà a fever accompanied usually by a rash on the chest.

The healing of this second event will follow, at a distance of months or years, to further injury, the più important. In pregnancy, Treponema crosses the placenta and infects the fetus which is born sick and with some deformità.


fortunately, it is possible to treat the mother with penicillin: this antibiotic crosses the placenta and also treat the fetus.

always the physicians who treat the syphilis, in addition to the specialists in infectious diseases, dermatologists.

do Not hesitate to ask a service of the department of dermatology (in Rome at the IFO – Institute Physiotherapy Hospital) if you have the reaction of Wasserman, VDRL or TPHA positive.

Remember toò that some of the conditions that can alter these tests and you could be positive withoutò has nothing to do with syphilis.

In the first group of analysis expected in pregnancy, there are the VDRL and the TPHA, the reaction of Wasserman is considered outdated.

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Remember that syphilis is a sexually transmitted diseases. If you have unprotected sex with partners new during pregnancy, do not hesitate to repeat the tests for sexually transmitted diseases, if you can remember to use condoms.

If you think that your partner is not faithful and do not use precautions do not hesitate to ask him to control himself, and, if può, protect yourself.



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