> Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy symptoms, prevention and treatment

diseases in pregnancy: Toxoplasmosis . What  is it? as you take? is this contagious? what are the symptoms and how to treat it? If it is pregnant what should you do if you discovered that you have toxoplasmosis?

Cos’è la toxoplasmosi

it Is a protozoan that takes the name of Toxoplasma gondii.

Può infect all mammals and the more and moreù spread the sources of contagion of toxoplasmosis are:

  • The raw meat of lamb and pork (mainly) and sausages (especially those crafts, and the big food industries are typically strictly controlled by veterinarians of the ASL); to remember that with the cooking, the seed is deleted.
  • the

  • The cats can spread toxoplasmosis through contact with their droppings or with items they are polluted or the inalandone the spores present on the hands.
  • the

  • fruit or vegetables, if polluted by the excrement of the cat.

The symptoms of toxoplasmosis

this Is a disease asymptomatic that once a patient does not report its presence with malaise special. In general, except in the subjects immunodopressi ( e.g. Aids), is its course without the affected person noticing.

particular attention should be paid, forò, to pregnant women; in fact, if you contracted for the first time in the course of pregnancy, the disease can; be transmitted to the fetus with serious consequences if not treated.

The risk about the women who have never come in contact with Toxoplasma gondii and that, therefore, they never developed the antibodies needed to defend the body. the there is No vaccine to prevent infection.

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How to treat toxoplasmosis and what to do if she is pregnant

Just found out your pregnant, go by your doctor that will surely sottoporrà tests to determine if you are protected by antibodies (and then if before pregnancy you have contracted the disease).

These exams adranno then repeated with a frequency: monthly for the duration of pregnancy to intervene, in the event of contagion, with the therapies that are suitable to reduce to the minimum the risk of passing the disease to the fetus.

If you do not have antibodies is not eat meat that is well cooked, do not eat home-made sausages and not eat fruit but mainly raw vegetables that you have not washed yourself (don’t eat the salad at the restaurant).

If you cats not take charge personally of their litter, if they come, remember that they should not walk where you can eat n is it in your beds.

If you go into the home of “gattari” that is; people who live happily in promiscuità with cats that go out, eat only the food freshly baked or just pulled out envelopes prepackaged.

Toxoplasmosis, if treated promptly, it is dangerous but it is better to try not to take it.

dogs may be contaminated coming out but typically the promiscuità with them is much less, and since they are natural hosts of the parasite are not considered a problem.

Remember always to wash your hands after touching an animal and not baciateli!!!

For further clarification or requests for help you can call the Association Life of Women, to the number 333 9856046



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