> Toxoplasmosis, syphilis, chickenpox, cytomegalovirus. Diseases in pregnancy

If you have an infectious disease and you are pregnant and not know who to contact you can call us or write to us.

Tel. 333 9856046. There are analyses that can help you understand, depending on the era you are in, what is the best thing to do.

Some diseases can be treated in pregnancy, such as toxoplasmosis or syphilis, can create problems only in certain periods, for example at the beginning or the end, such as chickenpox, some are really dangerous only at the beginning of the pregnancy, the other is difficult to understand the true role, such as the cytomegalovirus.

we give You some instructions

AtHospital Spallanzani, via Portuense 292, switchboard 06/55389121 is possible to be accepted without appointment from a service that deals with infectious diseases in pregnancy, where he worked in dr. Anzidei; è can be followed by them and take additional measures, in addition to receiving advice on decisions to be taken in the eventualità of infections early.

theSan Giovanni Hospital può please contact the Center Lelli, with the same indications, pbx 06/77051, the public relations Office 06/77055586. 06/77055618.

The Gemelli hospital, through the Red Telephone” 06/3050077 and the Umberto I, also have similar services.

We have received conflicting opinions on the Services that we report.

The Policlinico Gemelli to the dà information estremamemte detailed, non-filtered, respects the right to know everything, thereò that è rare and refers the decision completely to the couple.

The Hospital Spallanzani takes a role of the più of “support the decision” (for example, abort, or less), minimizes the risks low, advising the più directly and by participating in the selection.

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Please let us know your impressions about it.

If you have a real problem &it is absolutely necessary to get in touch with the specialized centres, and do not turn at random.

Moreover, these analyses performed in public centers are of excellent qualityà becauseé are linked to pathology in pregnancy are fully exempt from the ticket.

If you have difficultyà to get the exemption, you can call us, we’ll tell you the correct diction perché your doctor will state: “appropriate examinations and necessary, pursuant to article 2 of the protocol for the disease (name of disease) that poses a risk to maternal health and fetal



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  • Toxoplasmosis, syphilis, chickenpox, cytomegalovirus. Diseases in pregnancy

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