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Part Time

workers with contract, part-time, be it horizontal, vertical, or cyclical, shall, as regards the duration of the leave provided for by the T. U., the same rights of a worker, full-time. Of course, the relative economic treatment and rescaled by reason of the reduced time of performance of work.

the particular Case is the part-time cyclic, for which we refer to the remuneration. The only difference occurs in the rest periods for breastfeeding during the first year of età of the child, as if the daily working time is less than six hours, è provided a period of rest instead ofè the two.

temporary Job

The interested parties in the temporary employment relationship are three:


  • Company supplier
  • the

  • Company user
  • Worker/worker

Among the mpresa supplier and user it establishes a supply agreement aimed at the temporary needs of the undertaking user. The company supplier is framed for the purposes of contributions and the insurance of the tertiary sector.

Workers hired indefinitely by the company.

The average daily wage, which refer to the calculation of the compensationà maternityà changes in relation to the time in which the leave of absence.



  • if the worker is in a period of awaiting assignment perceived by the company supplier compensationà availabilityà and this compensationà is a reference to determine the compensationà maternityà:
  • the

  • if, because of the maternityà, the worker is not allowed toò to take service with the company user, starting from the effective date, the compensationà maternityà must refer to the pay that would have been paid for the work at the company user.

Workers hired at time determined by the company

The compensationà maternityà is calculated on the basis of the salary of the pay quadrisettimanale or monthly prior to the leave.


The medical certification of pregnancy must be sent, in addition to the Inps, the company supplier.

work training Contract The deadline of the work training contract is extended.

workers with contract of formation and work are, for the purposes of the legislation of the protection of maternityà, in the general conditions of women employees, even if the facts of the contract ranks among the workers hired at the end.

in Fact, for the purposes of the protection of the employment relationship, on the basis of a decision of the Constitutional Court (judgment no. 149/93), è was established the neutralità of the period of maternityà.

This means that pregnancy and the puerperium should allow the extension of the contract for a period equal to the length of the suspension.

the parental leave (optional leave) falls between the periods that allow you to extend the expiry of the maintenance contract, training and employment.

Data la parità between a man and a woman, also the worker with the father in the C. F. L. which is supported by the leave paternità or parental is extended to the expiry of the contract.

specified Time

The prohibition of dismissal does not work, but if you leave, maternityà has beginning when the worker is still in service, or within 60 days from the termination of the employment relationship for definite period of time, the worker has the right to receive the relevant compensationà throughout the period of leave for maternityà still not received.

Staff coordinate and continuative (Co. Co. Co)

After years of battles has been remedied a profound injustice, and finally to the co-workers coordinated and continuous, is recognised the right to maternityà.

The men entered at the “Bottom of the INPS separate Management 10-14%” have the right to 5 months of leave for maternityà and the related compensationà (in certain conditions).

it is appropriate that the employees turn to the union houses to verify their location and to obtain the information necessary for the exercise of the right.

See also the various types of contracts

June 2007

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