> Leave maternityà: the premature birth and death of the child

Parto prematuro

defines preterm birth that occurs more than 180° day from the beginning of gestation.

In this case, the worker does not lose the period of compulsory leave is not enjoyed to the full before delivery.

This period is in addition to the three months payable after the birth of the child, or for a maximum of five months.

The worker is required to submit within thirty days a certificate stating the date of birth.

The period is not used you can’t; however, be added in the cases of the extension until the seventh month of the cessation of post-partum provided to the workers engaged on work that is unhealthy or dangerous.

Disease during the period of leave for maternityà

The onset of a disease during the period of leave for maternityà post-partum does not stop the same leave.

the Death of a child

In the case of death of the child during birth or within three months, the worker can notò be fired up at the end of the period of leave for maternityà and continues to enjoy the relative compensationà

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