> Leave or permission for the child’s illness

up to 3 years of the child, for the duration of the illness of the son;

from 3 to 8 years of the child, for a maximum of 5 working days in the year, for each parent and for each child

Art. 47 D.Lgs. 151/2001

The disease of the child, documented by a medical certificate issued by specialist of the SSN or doctor (not più by a physician of trust of the parent, as before), if you intervened in the first 3 years of life, parents can, of course, in the alternative, to refrain from work for the duration of the illness of the child, regardless of its duration.

For the diseases that requires the uìchino from the 3° to 8° year, the parents, always alternatively, have the right to refrain from working in the limit of 5 working days per year for each parent and for each child. the

absences due to illness are not paid; the collective bargaining può forò, provide, for the illness of the son, of the rules of best please. In the public sector, for example, are paid with full pay thirty days  year to leave for illness of the son until the third year of life of the child, available alternatively, by both parents 

To the leave for the illness of the child do not apply the provisions on the control of sickness of the employee, the child/a sick non può be subject to consultation tax né the parent who attends must adhere to the time slots of twenty-fourà.

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II hospitalization of the child stops, at the request of the parent, the course of the holidays of which may be in the fruition of the parent. Sick leave and of the son, it is up to parent applicant if the other parent is not entitled.

it is important to emphasize that the parents can avail this type of leave only alternately; not è allowed, in fact, in any case, the simultaneous for the same child. The parent that you refrain from working in will haveà issue a declaration that the other parent is not in abstaining from work on the same days for the same reason.

Domande e risposte

Può the father’s leave is for the illness of the child during the parental leave of the mother?

The legislation calls for the father and the mother are not absent from work for the same reason, care of the illness of the son. Then, the father worker can ask leave for the care of the illness of the child during the parental leave of the mother.

Having two children of età between 4 and 8 years old, is 5 days off work annually for the child or total?

The five days per year, are attributed to each parent for each fìglia/or.

If the twins get sick at the same time?

If the couple is composed by the employees, both can ask for the leave, stating the different reasons (illness of a/or and the sickness of the other or of absence.

sick leave of the children is covered economically?

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No, the legislation does not provide economic hedging, but only social security.

leave for the illness of the child under 3 years of age has no limits of time?

The disease must be in the acute phase? Must be serious?

No. The disease must not be in the acute phase, né be serious. There are no limits of duration up to 3 years.

5 days of absence due to illness of the son/daughter of età between 3 and 8 years, a year shall mean calendar year or per life-year?

refer to the year of life of the child.


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