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Congedo parentale

If mom or papà have a dependent job after abstention for maternityà/paternità, you can take the optional leave from work, which is called parental leave. the Mom and papà can make use of the leave at the same time.

The right può be exercised up to 8 years of età of the child and for a continuous period or fractionated to the maximum duration of 6 months. This means that you can; take even for a single day.

In the case in which the mother or the papà to be alone (single-parent), they both have the right to take advantage of a period of leave, continuous or split for a maximum duration of 10 months. In any case, if the father asks for at least 3 consecutive months, the maximum duration comes at 11 months.

it is important to remember to notify the employer at least 15 days before the date on which you want to start abstaining from work.

with regard To the compensationà, the INPS verserà 30% of the salary up to 3 years of età of the child. Subsequently, do not require any compensation unless the income of the applicant (mother or father) is less than 2.5 times the minimum pension (for more information, please contact directly to the social security fund).

The period of leave is calculated on the basis of the anzianità of the service.

mothers self-employed women and mothers with children born on or after 1 January 2000 are entitled to parental leave, including economic treatment limited to 3 months and within the first year of età.

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The women workers project categories or assimilated, entered in the separate management INPS, are entitled to a compensationà parental leave for a period of 3 months within the first year from the birth of the child.

Are excluded from the right to parental leave for workers employed in domestic services, workers and workers at home and those who are enrolled in the separate management of INPS, the so-called para-subordinate (e.g. co.co.pro.).

The moms and papà adoptive or foster caregivers can take advantage of the parental leave, whatever the age of the child, within 8 years from the entry of the child in the family, but they will receive its compensationà only for periods of leave enjoyed during the first 3 years from the entry of the child in the family.

If the kids are two or più, è can make use of the months of leave provided for each.

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