> Retribuzione in maternità

periods of leave for maternityà/paternità, the early or late payment, must be counted in the anzianità of the service, to all effects, including those related to mensilità additional (thirteenth and fourteenth mensilità).

The periods of parental leave and leave for illness of the child are counted in the anzianità of the service, but excluded from the mensilità additional.





No salary Shots of anzianità Vacation/ 13^ Other awards TFR
Leave Maternityà or Paternità the 80% is built-in to 100% in the banking and insurance
parental Leave 30% (*) NO NO
Disease child no NO NO

regarding the automatic career, the national contract of the employees of Insurance Companies (Ania) and of the Cooperative Credit Banks establish the computabilità of all the periods of the absence to their maturation.

Così not è for other sectors, where, despite some of the pronouncements and case-law in favour of women, only a few companies take account of absences for parental leave in advances in automatic career.

Trattamento economico Congedo di maternità / paternità

In the course of the leave for maternityà / paternità is paid to a paid by the INPS to the following compensationà: 80% of the last monthly salary as a whole (plus the rate of christmas bonus and other mensilità additional, prior to the start of leave for maternityà / paternità. Some of the business contracts provide for an economic treatment of the best of favour with the integration of 100%. the

Termination of employment

The compensationà maternityà è paid also in cases where the work relationship is terminated:


  • Cessation of the activitiesà of the company to which the worker is employed;
  • Expiration of term-time employment provided that it is occurring during periods of leave for maternityà it is normal in advance.
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parental Leave
The compensation will be paid by INPS in the course of parental leave is equal to 30% of the last salary the whole is perceived before entering:


  • leave maternityà if the parental leave immediately follows leave for maternityà.
  • the

  • in parental leave when this is received frazionatamente, and then lies in the periods immediately subsequent to the leave for maternityà (circolare INPS n. 109/2000).

By when
Is paid a total period, including the parents, to 6 months of parental leave (30% of final salary the monthly full):


  • natural parents up to 3° year of a child’s life/a (*);
  • the adoptive parents or a guardian up to 6° year of age; (*);
  • the

  • adoptive parents or foster caregivers between 6 and 12 years of age (within 3 years subsequent to the entrance in the family).

(*) on the day of the birthday must be included in Addition, the compensationà it is the condition that the annual income of the applicant is amenable to the personal income TAX is less than 2.5 times the amount of the annual minimum INPS equal, for 2002, 12.762,35 euro:


  • the natural parent up to 3° year of the life of the child, which have già used 6 months total of paid leave for natural parents from the 3° to 8° year of età, for the periods and possibly not used;
  • the

  • the adoptive parents or foster when the leave continues beyond 6 months between the two parents, or for periods of up to 6 months after the 3° year of entrance into the family.
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for The purposes of the determination of income:


  • for the reports of part-time work and the threshold of individual income should not be scaled down and, therefore, remains the same;
  • the

  • from this income are excluded from the income for the house,severance pay, arrears to separate taxation, and the same compensationà for parental leave.
  • the income to consider is that alleged of the year, in initiating provision or part of it. Therefore, for periods of two years, should be evaluated the opportunityà to resume, even for only one day work in the new year.

daily Rest periods

Are paid regularly by the employer on behalf of INPS.

the child’s Illness

The legislative framework does not provide any financial coverage. The CCNL and/or the company may establish conditions that best favor.

Part time

based On the principle of non-discrimination, women workers, part-time is entitled to all compensation will be provided regardless of the type of partial work done: these compensationà are paid in proportion to the reduced hours of work performance. To part-time cycle (relationship that includes periods of work alternating with periods of non-work):


  • if you leave, maternityà starts within the working period or within 60 days from the last day worked, compensationà is granted for the entire period of the leave, even during the phase of work;
  • the

  • if you leave, maternityà starts more than 60° day from the last day worked, compensationà is paid only for the days included during the phases of work and will not compete during the breaks.
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If the worker/hours and the employer will agree to the transformation of the employment relationship from part-time to full-time for a period which coincides in part with that of the leave maternityà/paternità, the compensationà to be paid is calculated on the basis of the salary of the più favorable (art. 60, c.2 THOU.).

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