> Protection of maternityà and children: useful information on rights

Protection of maternityà. If you are expecting a baby you must know that in Italy all women, Italian and foreign, are entitled to health checks that are free at certain periods of pregnancy, as is the M. D. of 10/9/98.

If you have a child you have a right to specialist consultations, laboratory analyses and other investigations, free of charge until the age of six years.

If you are unemployed, home , and if you don’t have compensationà maternityà paid by the INPS or other social security institution – whether Italian or foreign, with residence card – you can have compensationà maternityà di 258 euro per month for five months, within six months of a child’s life.

please Contact the URP of your constituency or to the CAF area.

If you are single, in severe economic conditions and aspects of a child – whether you’re Italian or foreign with residence permit – you can ask the social services of the municipality or of the circumscription of membership:


  • Aid in the search of accommodation in the family house for the period of pregnancy and for the next phase of the birth of the child (you can ask information also at the Center of the connection reception facilities, pregnant women and mothers with child. In Rome, the phone is 06/663172).
  • the

  • An economic benefit for the period following the birth of your son.

If you are married in severe economic conditions, and expecting a child, you can ask the social Services of the city Hall a financial contribution to the household.

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If you are foreign and not in the rule, you can ask for the permit of stay for reasons of health, for the period of pregnancy and for six months following the birth of the child.

please Contact the Immigration Office in Via Teofilo Patini 1, corner of Via Salviati (Tor Cevara), leading to:


  • medical certificate attesting to the month of pregnancy and the expected date of delivery;
  • the

  • 4 photos
  • the

  • passport and its photocopy;
  • the

  • a revenue stamp of € 10.33

For the above mentioned period you will also have the ability to enroll in the National Health Service. the If you have difficultyà to keep the baby with you, the Italian law allows you not to recognize him and leave him in the hospital.

The surrender of a child you can do it both at the time of admission that at the time of birth. Know that you can ricoverarti in anonymity, not stating your name.

The child left in the hospital is usually a family who adopts him and takes care of them, in a very short time.

In the case of premature and/or special situations, you can use a free service of assistance and support in the home during the first year of a child’s life (the service is promoted by the Municipality of Rome).

For information, contact the Social Service of the hospital or consulting-room of the family they belong to.

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