> The birth and abandonment in the hospital: if the woman does not want to be named

the memorandum of understanding between the children’s Court and the Municipality of Rome – Department V – Social Policies of the Health


it is appropriate to mention the case in which the woman needed a further period of time to reflect on her choice.

The Social Service, or Health care management, hospital segnalerà promptly to T. M. and to the Office of Public Guardianship, the birth of the child and the request of the mother of a period of reflection with regard to the recognition of the minor.

the report of The birth of the child will comeà carried out at the Registry Office of the Municipality of Rome by the healthcare professionals who attended the birth with a certification that says “woman that can be named“. Will comeà given to the communication of the completed registration to T. M. and to the Office of Public Protection. As soon as possible, the mother will comeà sent to T. M. that deciderà in regard to the placement of the child at the time of discharge from the hospital.

medical records OF the CHILD

In this document, it is desirable that there are as many più useful information of the medical history of the maternal in the interest of the health and care of the baby, but they will have to appear for data that can lead to identityà of the natural mother.


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At the time of discharge of the baby is important the presence of the guardian’s delegate for the signature of the clinical records to guarantee the anonymity of the torque detected by the T. M.

stresses the importance of the meeting of the couple with the child in the hospital and drag and drop and then, that happens in situations as più cozy as possible, in a private setting with time dedicated. The identityà of the spouses will haveà to remain unknown to the hospital, therefore, the couple must be identified only by the guardian’s delegate that the accompagnerà after the retraction of the decree of placement of provisional T. M.

The health will have to give the torque any useful information to the end of the care and health of the child, including providing the so-called “board resignation”, which contains the information related to the course of the delivery, to the clinical investigations done during the patient’s stay, etc. (all the useful news to the pediatrician).

reaffirming the needà not to make any reference linked to the identityà of the natural mother. If, exceptionally, the Guardian, the delegate can not accompany, as a rule, the couple in the hospital, in order not to prolong the hospital stay of the baby, willà to authorize the Social worker at the facility to sign the folder for the discharge of the newborn

When it is not possible to directly pass from the hospital in the family, the infant, if dimissibile, verrà included in the care of the Guardian’s delegate in the Municipal Center for the Child or in another family home, suitable in anticipation of a future placement in a foster family, always with the prior device of the T. M.

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If the Guardian’s delegate cannot be present at the time of discharge, you will beà to authorize the operators of the structure, ospiterà the child to sign the clinical record.

Constitute an integral and substantial part of this Protocol, the following attachments:

A. the reporting form of the newborn, from a woman that can be named

B. card for registration of the newborn/a

C. the tab for the dimissibilità of the child

C1. tab for the communication of the condizionisanitarie of the child.

Rome, 29 October 2007

Signed by: the Director of the V Department of the city of Rome, the President of the Juvenile Court of Rome,

the Birth and abandonment in the hospital, procedures:


  • If the woman does not want to be named
  • the

  • If the woman does not want to recognize the child, but gave his generalità
  • the

  • If the woman can notò be nominated because it is less than 16 years
  • the

  • If the woman does not want to be named but it is safe to leave the child

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