> The birth and abandonment in the hospital: the woman has less than sixteen years

the memorandum of understanding between the children’s Court and the Municipality of Rome – Department V – Social Policies of the Health


può be named in the certificate of birth the woman giving birth and has not yet reached the age of 16° year of età.

The attestation of birth, indicating in the space relative to the data of the mother the term “a woman who is not può be appointed” do not will haveà be delivered to the natural mother or her family.

department staff avviserà promptly notify the Service of the company, or the Health department of the hospital, who must report the birth of the child to the T. M. The process variesà according to the following cases: If not c’è a father who intends to recognize the newborn baby:

1. a figure health that has witnessed the birth effettuerà the complaint registry within the tenth day,

2. if there are family members we will be sending in a T. M. for the request of submission

3. you will stayà in anticipation of the provisions of the T. M.

If there is a father who wishes to recognise who has completed 16 years but not yet of age: 1. you consegnerà the attestation of birth to he and andrà to the Registry Office of the Municipality of Rome to do the recognition.

2. you segnalerà the birth of the child to the T. M., communicating generalità and contact details of the father

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3. you will, however, family members (of legal age) and the father to the court in the T. M. so it is; take the appropriate contacts.

4. the baby willà to be discharged from the Hospital only after the provisions of the T. M. in the matter. In this regard, it is recommended that Social Service, or Health department, to communicate promptly to the T. M. the dimissibilità clinical of the newborn, in accordance with the provisions of the health care practitioners.

If there is a father who wishes to recognise that over the age of 18 years:

1. you consegnerà to him the certificate of birth

2. you segnalerà, however, to the T. M. the situation of the child and has been detected

3. the baby will beà resigned him to the care of the father who recognized him, except for different and concerned with the provisions of the Juvenile Court.

note that if the woman infrasedicenne explicitly state that the fulfilment of the 16° year of age; does not intend to recognize the newborn, and there are né father, né family members who wish to take care of the newborn, Social Service, or the Health department of the hospital, will haveà relate to the T. M. that valueà the situation of children and issueà the related preventive measures.

In each case the certificate replacement of certificate of attendance at birth will haveà contain the words “the woman who could notò be appointed”.

the Birth and abandonment in the hospital, procedures:


  • If the woman does not want to be named
  • the

  • If the woman does not want to recognize the child, but gave his generalità
  • the

  • If the woman can notò be nominated because it is less than 16 years
  • the

  • If the woman does not want to be named but it is safe to leave the child
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