> Mothers, the puerperium, and joint pain


In pregnancy, the fluid retention and the greater mobilityà of the joints and may encourage the Syndrome of the Carpal Tunnel, the channel present in the wrist through which the tendons of the flexor muscles and the median nerve pass from the forearm to the hand.

“The tunnel, not being elastic, and suffers the pressure that you create in the occasion of tendonitis – explains To Rin – creating the first symptom is the irritation of the median nerve. The mom-to-può to feel pain to the first 3 fingers of the hand, thumb, index and ring fingers, the più intense at night and accompanied by insensibilità and loss of strength”.

The disorder usually regresses after the birth, but in the first few weeks is a problem in the management of the child becauseé restricts the use of the limb. “The new mother – continues the expert – you have to wake up for feeding at night; if we add the disorder to the hand that does not let sleep, the psycho-physical condition becomes unbearable. In this case – he concluded the expert – you canò consider surgery, a small procedure performed in day surgery under local anesthesia”.


The mothers, who are forced to the use of the dominant hand, becauseé the other is occupied to support the child, subjecting the limb to overload excessive and repetitive microtrauma. Tendons, così stressed, become inflamed, and the pain, from the elbow, radiating up to the wrist and hand finché to perform the gestures more trivial it becomes a problem. It is epicondylitis, which in the cases più mild to subside with rest, ice applications and the use of the guardian. In the cases più serious orthopedic valueà instead, the use of physiotherapy or surgery.

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A time known as the “disease of the nannies and embroiderers”, this inflammation of the sheath of the extensor short of the thumb and the abduttore along the thumb affects those who practice activities; repetitive, as is the case for the mothers. The hormonal imbalance of pregnancy combined with the effort of supporting the child, può inflame the tendons in the thumb causing swelling, oedema and pain.

Also in this case the first therapies are conservative: anti-inflammatory or cortisone, if the mother does not breastfeed, the guardian, and physiotherapy. Then, if these measures are ineffective, contact a expert is the only advice to follow.

With the orthopedic you valueà any surgical intervention: one session in the day hospital with local anaesthesia, allontanerà the mother from her child only for 15 minutes. Just the time and duration of the intervention and then again at home.

by Valeria Tagni, consulting Ferdinando Da Rin, Istituti Codivilla–Putti, Cortina d’ampezzo (BL)

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20 aprile 2012