> Alcohol in pregnancy, not c’è a dose that is safe against damage to the child

Alcohol in pregnancy. Compared to the congenital defects and growth retardation related to alcohol consumption non c’è a dose safe alcohol that you can consume in the pregnancy as confirmed by a new prospective study of data of more than 1000 women.

These new data may help the clinician to assess exactly lit’s important to discontinue the intake of alcohol as soon as possible.

This is when she says Haruna Sawada Feldman, of the Dipartimendo of Pediatrics of the Università San Diego, La Jolla, in the News Medical Medscape.

“women who are in età fertile and who think that they have a child or are at risk of a pregnancy should be encouraged to refrain from alcohol”.

The study has been published online 17 January 2012 in “Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.”

were analyzed 992 women and their children, the age average of the women was 31 years.

The study has shown that information during pregnancy does not affect the result, must be made ensuring privacy, and counseling, with specialized operators.

Also, the damage to fetus from alcohol are often not identified, and if you know that the expectant mother has taken alcohol is required a lot of attention to locate these problems in the child.

Paying attention it turns out that these damages, even the smallest, are much more frequent than it seems.

Certainly the damage is so più the greater are the amounts and categories of alcohol intake, but there is a dose that is safe that can be taken during pregnancy.

1 aprile 2012

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