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Even those who follow a vegetarian diet può not to miss the necessary intake of proteins, è enough to pay attention to the proportion of protein ingested with foods that are not meat or fish.

If a woman faces a pregnancy with a normal body weight is necessary to increase the daily allowance by about 300 calories, and introduce a greater quantity of proteins (from 1.4 grams to 1.8 grams per kg of weight).


proteins are the fundamental substratum of the living matter. They are like the supporting walls of a house: the bricks are represented by the amino acids.

Meat, fish, milk, eggs and cheese contain all the necessary amino acids for the needs of our body. It is obvious that a growing organism, as the fetus, requires proteins, and possibly of qualityà, rich in all the amino acids.

Thereò è made possible by integrating in the usual diet, a liter of milk (670 calories, 33 grams of protein, 1 gr of calcium) or 100 g low-fat cottage cheese that also provides an adequate intake of calcium (mozzarella, stracchino, ricotta cow).


È well increase the recommended daily allowance of iron and folic acid since it is our western diet is not likely to provide a sufficient quantity of such substances.

in Addition, most of the women facing pregnancy già small reserves of iron and folic acid, or even with signs più or less obvious iron deficiency anemia or folate deficiency.

it Is therefore advisable to administer systematically an iron supplement and folic acid since the beginning of the pregnancy, but it would be even better if these fees were included in the diet when you plan a family the arrival of a bebè.

Also, as it is claimed by various sources, an intake of supplemental folic acid seems to prevent certain malformations of the nervous system (like spina bifida).

For the above, &it is best to begin the administration of folate prior to conception. In homeopathic medicine, to make up for the deficiency of iron, should be administered: Ferrum metallicum Injel strong, 1 vial of dì os, im, and China Homaccord, 10 drops for 3 to the dì until the restoration of normal levels of hemoglobin.

In Italy it is possible to have fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year, so it is not necessary to supplement diets with vitamins and extracts of liver.

For the mom-to-be do not require special dietary restrictions; it is indeed recommended to have a varied diet, appetising, rich in protein (meat, fish, cheese) and starch.

The starch content in pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, polenta, and dried legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils), together provide the energy, protein, vitamins and minerals.

più the foods that contain starch are rich in fiber that are added to those contained in vegetables and fruit.

The fibers help to regulate bowel function, reduce the absorption of sugar and cholesterol, promote so essential to the achievement of a sense of sazietà reducing excessive introduction of food. 

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Useful is to limit the intakes of animal fats (butter, lard, fatty meats, fatty cheeses) in favor of vegetable fats (olive oil), is used preferably raw, and lean meats (chicken, rabbit,turkey).

The fish is excellent in pregnancy; is; in fact, protein-rich qualityà, does not contain any fat and is very digestible.

instead, they Are to avoid shellfish (lobster, shrimp and scampi) too much cholesterol-rich and able to trigger allergic reactions in predisposed subjects.

as For desserts, some cakes, pasta, pastries) make different nutrients; others consist mainly of sugar (carbohydrates), such as candies, and candied fruit provide calories and little else.

however, All of them expose us to the risk of dental caries, not reduce the feeling of hunger, in fact, often the increase is because; to be consumed outside of meal time, cause hyperinsulinism (increased insulin in the blood) secondary increases, paradoxically, even moreù the desire for food.

For all the above reasons in pregnancy the use of sweets should be very moderate and well-considered in the calculation of the daily diet. 


The italians consume too much salt, and thereò encourages the establishment of arterial hypertension. In pregnancy this disease is very dangerous so it is imperative that you follow the following rules:


  1. to limit, in the preparation of food, the quantityà salt added as a condiment.
  2. the

  3. limit the use of salt on the table.
  4. the

  5. to limit the consumption of those packaged products (sausages, canned foods) in which the salt content è più high (monosodium glutamate). The palate is abituerà it is easy to appreciate the natural taste of the foods. 


it Is necessary, instead, to drink a lot, at least two liters of water a day. Good hydration makes you feel good, it favors the renal elimination of toxic waste (ac.uric etc), protects the kidneys from the stones.

However, often the sense of thirst is not è enough to entice us to introduce a suitable quantity of water; to regulate is necessary to evaluate the volume of urine daily (urine in 24 hours) that the pregnant should not fall below 2 liters.

Among the mineral waters, we recommend the trace elements and between these the bicarbonatoalcalinoterrose for the following benefits that are very useful in pregnancy:


  1. rebalancing acididità of the stomach, which promotes good digestive process;
  2. the

  3. action coleretica (emission of bile from the gall bladder), which is very useful to prevent the formation of stones.
  4. the

  5. action mildly laxative effect.
  6. the

  7. flushing action of the urinary tract with the prevention of gallstones, and infections. As the modeà of administration, we recommend 1/4 of a liter of water (large glass) in the morning fasting, and 1/4 of liter of water in the evening before bedtime.

it Is useful to underline that the care bicarbonatoalcalinoterrose have been used in the artificial feeding will encourage a good assimilation of the milk. Has been observed how the eskimos of Greenland have an impact very low hypertension in pregnancy.

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Thereò appears to be due to the particular diet of the fish of these populations because the meat of fish contains many polyunsaturated fatty acids. For the foregoing reasons, we recommend the hiring of a pregnant 2/3 grams of fish oil per day, which canò be found in the trade in special capsules easy to swallow (Maxepa, Omega 3 etc).

fish oil also contains high doses of vitamin A that we know to be the regulator of cell growth.


Another element which is very useful in pregnancy seems to be the magnesium for its capacity to regulate the contraction of the uterus and prevent premature birth and hypertension.

it is therefore advisable to supplement the diet of the parturient with Magnesium (Oligoel n° 8 Magnesium, 30 drops twice a dì dissolved in a little water) is also useful for vomiting, in insomnia, in irratibilità and in the muscle cramps. 


to satisfy all of the above dietary needs, some schools, in particular Us, recommend the use of special food supplements extracted from natural substances that have the task to make all the nutrients optimal for good fetal growth and a good state of health of the mother.

Such supplements have the advantage of simplicityà of administration, of the absolute lack of side effects, the good tollerabilità and digeribilità (For mummy bags, 2-3 sachets to the dì dissolved in water).

It is rare, however, that a healthy woman begins pregnancy with a body weight above the norm, or that in the course of pregnancy shows a tendency to an excessive increase in weight (weight taken every month exceeding 1 kg).

In such situations, a relatively simple low-calorie diet consists of replacing a meal with Son formula 10 grams più 500 grams of fruit più 300 grams of vegetables without salt.

The prepared, rich in essential amino acids, has been studied to increase the protein synthesis in the body; it also does not create reduction of the strength and volume of muscle, tightens the tissues, reduces the feeling of hunger, maximize weight loss without causing damage to the foetus, and without overloading the kidney of the mother.

The preparation has an excellent compliance, it is assumed in sachets or in tablets. Two sachets replace a meal. In the case of severe obesityà può also be used in replacement of two daily meals.

È note that Son formula può also be used as a supplement of essential amino acids in patients vegetarian.

in Conclusion, a pregnant woman should not exceed, at the end, the 10/12 kg over the ideal weight. It is, however, preferable not to increase too much weight in the first two or three months (the average increase to optimal is about 250 gr. a week), as it is then very easy to exceed the limit of 10 kg .

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it Is a good idea to bring a scale and weigh yourself at least once a week, in the morning on an empty stomach, preferably after you have evacuated.

with Regard to the diet of the breastfeeding mother, keep in mind that it must be rich in protein, calcium, iron, potassium and other trace elements, as is the galattopoiesi, that is; the production of milk, è insured for about 65 – 70% from the power supply (the rest comes from the grease reservoir formed in the 3 ° trimester of pregnancy).

The woman who is breast feeding must take the day, every day, at least:


  • – 60 g. of low-fat cheese and half a litre of skimmed milk (contains vitamin A, essential for the synthesis of the tissues of the fetus)
  • the

  • – 25 – 30 gr. butter (it also contains vitamin (A)
  • the

  • – 150 – 200 gr. of lean meat, fish,chicken, or 1-2 sachets of Son formula
  • the

  • – fruits, vegetables in quantityà

Also in this period, such as during pregnancy, you può the use of supplements of vitamins, iron, folic acid and minerals (Vitamin formula , 2 tablets per dì).

To avoid the abuse of alcohol, coffee; beer, and the use of certain foods such as cold cuts, game meats, grains, garlic and onions, which can give an unpleasant flavour to the milk.

At the end of these brief notes on nutrition during pregnancy and lactation note: a “curiosityà scientific“, the predetermination of the sex of the unborn child through the power supply.

being Touted by a gynecologist of canada, this system would have a success of approximately 80% if properly applied (but do not believe it too).

The diet you should start a few cycles before (at least two menses before) of the conception to be aborted a pregnancy has been established. What should I do?


  1. To have a male to use a diet with: – a lot of sodium: use salt in the preparation of foods and consume foods naturally salty (olives, ham) – just football: abolish cheese, milk and dairy products.
  2. the

  3. To have a female use a diet: – low in sodium: no salt – low potassium: no dried fruit, lentils, beans, bananas – lot of calcium: milk and cheeses that are not salty. try it and good luck!

Pregnancy low risk: the information contained in the video, così as the text of the song correspond to, and reflect recommendations taken from the guidelines of the schools of the Sanità international.



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