> Contraception after delivery and when to begin?

Contraception after birth. Professor Andrew Kaunit, of the Università of Florida in Jacksonville, has published a recent speech on the recent guidelines of the Center for disease control and prevention, USA, with the title “When to start contraception after birth”.

In his speech, we read that the women are very motivated to begin contraception after the birth of a child, and asé già in contact with a health service, this is a good time to start.

Sinceé l’ovulation in women who are breastfeeding può be taken before 4 weeks after giving birth start as early as the contraception is very important.

However, continues the professor Kaunitz, in the immediate post-partum there is a risk of thromboembolism increased, and yet the più high in the case of caesarean section, obesityà, smoke, hemorrhage, post-partum, pre-eclampsia, età greater than or equal to 35 years or thrombophilia.

The pill estroprogestinica combined to the mouth, that with the patch the vaginal ring increases the risk of venous thromboembolism. Here, then, are the recommendations of the central USA for the control and prevention of diseases.

For the first three weeks after childbirth no woman should take progestogens.

Between three and six weeks after delivery can take only the women who have no risk factor among those described above. If there are no risks such as those described above, and then the women can begin the contraception estroprogestinica three weeks postpartum if not breast-feeding and a month after if you are breastfeeding. Six or more weeks after delivery you can; to start the contraception estroprogestinica without restrictions.

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progestin only, minipillola, implant, IUD medicated and injections, instead can be used immediately postpartum regardless of breastfeeding. These guidelines will help to minimize the risk of venous thromboembolism in the post-partum, clarifying what you canò, or what you can notò to do.

In Italy the package ilustrativo of the pill with only progestin, says start immediately after an abortion but “even before menstruation” after childbirth, that is; he does not say explicitly and immediately begin, as the Professor Kaunitz explains, is the CDC.

A pregnant immediately after giving birth toò è a big issue for women, and then health care workers should always take care of the contraception post-partum, which canò be made by progestogens, with the limits described above, with the progestin-only, with much fewer limits, with the condom and the IUD, which, according to these guidelines, può be inserted immediately after delivery.

However, other studies suggest that the immediate insertion of a IUD after giving birth increases the risk of displacement, and that a wait of two or four weeks is preferable. Not è instead, you can use the diaphragm or the cervical cap, not used in Italy, before six weeks from birth.

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