> Postpartum depression: the symptoms

The typical symptoms are fatigue, anxiety, irritabilità, is the easeà crying, insomnia, lack of appetite, the feeling of inadequacy vis-à-vis the child and to their role, accompanied by guilt, shame, obsessive thoughts, and the health of the child and with respect to the fear of losing control and of being able to do harm to your child.

This fear is entirely unrealistic &it is very painful, and is generated by patterns that activate a state of continuous alarm and panic and, sometimes, ideas of suicide, but in all cases, a difficultyà in the provision of appropriate maternal care. Plugs into a dangerous vicious circle.

Often the family of trivializing and minimizing make più sad the guilt and the difficultyà to respond.

it Is believed that the depression forms più series, such as the shapes of the più serious, which we will see later, they fall in the spectrum of the così called mood disorders, which includes major depression, and disorders are manic-depressive, that is, those disorders that alternate with depression to states of excitement, euphoria, insomnia, acceleration of thought, to which is given the name Mania.


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30 January 2017

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