> Postpartum depression: symptoms, causes and treatment

postpartum depression: an event difficult to accept.

pregnancy and childbirth are wonderful events when everything works, but in any case, delicate and complex. It involves a big change of the whole of its reality; the staff, the body that changes, the loneliness, the worries, compared to their reality of work, its social role.

All of these changes require a large consuming emotional for all the players, which canò bring to moments of difficultyà psychological, of varying degrees and intensityà, especially for the new mother, but also papà are not immune. The depression presents itself here as a sort of emptying of the psychological, as when it is passed a task very difficult and time consuming, which is exposed to unexpected emotions, to sequences of unexpected events.

Here is a condition very frequent and common in the first days after birth, a condition often fleeting, but at other times, può continue in the form più or less creeping in, manifesting itself in a way that opened many months later, when the new mom does not make it più, fails più to hide it, and maybe the show is very glaring, when the balance family members are già complicated, heavy. The effort of putting things in place may not be easy.

Remember: these events are not extraordinary or unforeseeable, and not to be rendered insignificant or undervalued, but give them the place they deserve. Therefore, we must deal with them.

The best thing and consult a center or a specialist:


  • To understand the problem
  • the

  • To allow the affected to talk freely.
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Must be a III competent, a figure outside from the family, who don’t judge, that makes it clear to the new mother that you can; to entrust, that can; impararea not be afraid,that can; allow yourself to ask.

we will See in later chapters that the fear of being judged as a mother is not good, not competent, not love, is the biggest problem.

you Need to be able to confide his fears to someone without the fear of judgment.

let us Remember and remind the family that when it is depressed everything appears insurmountable and that this fear dominates everything, paralyzes thought and action. The più small observation, the più small stress to react when you do not feel you have the resources, può be a source of the block, and despair.

In the companyà of old there have always been wise women to turn to, there are currently psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and midwives. These should work in a network with pediatricians and gynecologists. But it is not always the case. You have to find someone to help you build your small network.

it is Necessary that operators have a dialogue with you and between them, I need someone to help you dissolve the tension in the pair, we need to talk about the child in a peaceful manner, it is necessary to understand the point of view of the other. You have to take the contact with the nest.. you have to keep at bay the great zeal and affectionate, but sometimes a bit pushy grandparents.


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