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Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) is a bacterium that can; cause severe infections (meningitis, sepsis, pneumonia), especially in small children, and, in particular, is the cause more frequent of meningitis in the first 5 years of life.

The diseases caused by Hib can cause permanent damage (sordità, psychomotor retardation) and in spite of the antibiotic therapy are fatal in about 2-5 cases out of 100.

How often are the meningitis from Hib in Italy?

The introduction of vaccination against Hib has had a large impact on the frequency of invasive infections caused by this microorganism; in fact, with the increase in the vaccination coverage, the annual number of meningitis from Hib is decreased by 86, going from 130 cases in 1996 to 18 in 2004.

Before the introduction of vaccination, about 90% of the cases requires the uìcava in children of age less than 5 years, and in this age group; the impact of vaccination has been even more marked, passing from 112 cases in 1996 to 5 in 2004 (-95%). the

What the vaccine is used against the Hib?

The vaccine anti-Hib is constituted only by a component of the bacterium, which is important for inducing the immune response.

Is carried out, for intramuscular injection, and it is recommended that the execution of three doses during the first year of life, in the 3°, 5° 11°-12°month.

currently available vaccines monovalent only against the Hib who vaccine combined with other antigens. For the vaccination in the first year of life are used especially vaccines esavalenti

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What are the risks of the vaccination?

this Is a vaccine that is extremely safe. Following the vaccination, you canò rarely have fever, or pain and swelling at the injection site.

In such cases, the vaccination could notò be done?

As for the other vaccinations, in case of severe allergic reactions (anafìlassi) to a vaccine, subsequent doses should not be performed, while the vaccination should be postponed in case of acute illness is important.

vaccination is contraindicated in case of severe allergic reaction to a component of the vaccine. the

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