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Cos’è chickenpox

chickenpox is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus (varicella-zoster).

Usually manifests itself with fever, general malaise, and the appearance of a typical rash of the skin, characterized by bubbles itchy, that starts from the face and the head and extends to the trunk and to the rest of the body.

chickenpox usually is a mild illness, but canò also cause complications that are more frequent if it hits infants or adults.

The chickenpox può cause pneumonia, sovrainfezioni bacterial vesicles, scarring of the skin, arthritis, brain damage and other complications. the

As it is transmitted infection and those who è più at risk?

The infection is transmitted through droplets emitted with the breathing of or contact with the vesicles of the skin. Complications are more frequent in infants, adolescents, adults, and in people with immune deficiencies. Also, if the disease affects one woman in the last days of pregnancy, you canò have infection of the newborn that results in the death of 30% of the children.

Quanto è frequente in Italia?

it Is a disease very frequent in Italy requires the uìcano outbreaks every year particularly in winter-spring. It is estimated that each year requires the uìchino in Italy, approximately 500,000 cases of varicella, 90% of which is in children and teenagers up to 14 years of età.

What the vaccine is used against chickenpox?

To prevent the chicken pox using a vaccine consisting of live virus attenuated. II the vaccine is administered subcutaneously.

And needed the administration of a single dose of the vaccine in children from 12 months to 12 years of age, while more than 12 years are given two doses.

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Who should be vaccinated?

since the complications of varicella are more frequent in the boys più large and in adults, this vaccination is particularly recommended for adolescents and adults who have not yet had the disease.

What are the risks of vaccination?

The majority of people who vaccinate has no side effect. The others typically have only a reaction, a mild-at the injection point, such as hardening and swelling, fever, or a reaction mild skin similar to chickenpox that occurs within 3 weeks after vaccination. the

In which cases you can’t; run?

vaccination is contraindicated in persons who have a serious allergic reaction against the vaccine or its components.

Also, the about vaccination is contraindicated in people with severe alterations of the immune system due to disease or to the execution of some therapies.

The vaccination should be postponed in case of acute illness is important, and in people who have recently received products containing the antibodies, such as blood transfusions, immunoglobulin. the

the Municipality of Rome – Department for Policies for the Promotion of the Child and the Family – Department XVI

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