> Examinations and tests in pregnancy. What not to do and in what weeks

below are listed the tests that you should perform to certain deadlines, and follow-up with the various functional parameters in relation with the evolution of the pregnancy.

Caution: the list of the various exams given here is to be considered purely indicative, as it will haveà be always the doctor, on the basis of the data of every single pregnant woman, to indicate the tests to be run from time to time in relation to their training and professional experience. The exams are highlighted in bold and color green are only indicated in specific cases

AT the BEGINNING OF PREGNANCY (within the first three months) better if before pregnancy
blood Group and Rh factor complete blood count, Platelets, Ht Resistors globular, and Electrophoresis of the Hb serological techniques for the Ue, and Aids blood Sugar glycosylated Haemoglobin (THE PARTNER) blood urea nitrogen Creatinine uric acid protein Electrophoresis serum Iron alkaline Phosphatase Bilirubin tot. and dir.- Transaminase GOT GPT-YGT

  • Search for HBs Ag or better Marker x hepatitis, VDRL and HIV
  • the

  • Complex TORCH (toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes)
  • the

  • urinalysis complete
  • the

  • genetic Study of the couple

vaginal Swab for common germs and for chlamydia.

the Serodiagnosis for chlamydia. The dosage of HCG on the urine of the 24-hour Visit to the cardiology and ECG dental check-up eye exam to Make arrangements for the preparation course at the clinic, the hospital or the nursing home.

Mineralogramma Paptest (se mai seguito prima)

Colposcopy (run without problems, but only in the case of a pap test is abnormal)

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10 weeks:

Ultrasound dating of gestational age.

BETWEEN 11 AND 14 weeks:


is the dosage of beta-HCG free and PAPP-A in maternal blood. This examination allows you to be able to express an index of risk for chromosome disorders. the

AT the BEGINNING OF the FOURTH MONTH (14-18 weeks)

complete Blood count with formula and Ht Test Coombs indirect

Examination of urine, complete Cholesterol, Triglycerides and HDL Tri-test

blood pressure Control

Controllo weight

the Curve to minicarico for glucose

Doppler uterine arteries: the dosage of beta HCG free estriol free, alpha-fetoprotein. This examination allows you to be able to express an index of risk for chromosome disorders. the

AT the BEGINNING OF the FIFTH MONTH (18-22 weeks)

Ultrasound between 20 and 22 week study the morphology of the fetus Sidermia and any Ferritinemia complete Blood count with formula, and Ht urinalysis complete blood pressure Control weight Control

AT the BEGINNING OF the SIXTH MONTH (22-26 week)

protein Electrophoresis complete Blood count with formula, and Ht Test Coombs indirect (if Rh negative) urinalysis complete Iron Control of blood pressure, weight Control Alpha-fetoprotein

Urinocoltura ed ABG

AT the BEGINNING OF the SEVENTH MONTH (27-32 weeks)

at The 30 week ultrasound for assessment of fetal growth, Proteinemia or protein electrophoresis, uric acid Creatinine complete Blood count with formula, and Ht Examination, complete urine, alkaline Phosphatase.

blood pressure Control

Check the weight every week

Any E. C. G. (Electrocardiogram)

Any Doppler Flowmetry of the umbilical cord

AT the BEGINNING OF the EIGHTH MONTH (32-35 weeks)

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Fibrinogen PTT AP complete Blood count with the formula – Ht – Counts for platelets Test Coombs indirect (if Rh negative)

test complete urine Ferritinemia blood pressure Control at least every week

Controllo weight


vaginal Swab culture and susceptibility testing for common germs and search of the Chlamydia wet mount Examination of vaginal fluid ca

Colposcopy: look for any lesions of viral origin (HPV, HSV2) Serology for Herpes I and II, and Chlamydia

AT the BEGINNING OF the NINTH MONTH (36-38 weeks)

Glucose, Creatinine, Fosfotasi Alkaline, Ferritinemia Bilirubin tot. and dir. Transaminase GOT GPT-ggt levels, protein Electrophoresis, Cholinesterase Blood count with formula, and Ht Coombs ‘ Tests (if Rh negative)

Esame urine completo

Coprocoltura for salmonella (even to partners)

blood pressure Control weight Control


at The expiration of the term see absolutely your doctor!! to Assess the opportunityà to a shelter! Monitoring cardiotografico Ultrasound Doppler Flowmetry

NB: the monitoring cardiotocographic and ultrasound, evaluated together, help to provide us with a framework called a “biophysical profile fetal”.


La salute in gravidanza

umbilical Cord: when to cut?

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