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Ultrasound and Doppler in maternal fetal. Are già in several years that ultrasound is used as a means of investigation for the control of pregnancy.

tools Are being used that produce ultrasonic, or sound waves not audible to the human ear, the echo of which is collected by probes and displayed on a screen.

When should be performed the first exam?

we Recommend that you run an exam in the first 3 months (allows us to diagnose with accuracy the età of the embryo, if it is a pregnancy, single or multiple, the possible existence of gynecological diseases not before revealed).

A second ultrasound is performed between the twentieth and the twenty-second week to discover any fetal malformations and check the normal growth of the fetus; with a the last examination practiced in the eighth month check out the fetal growth, the weight, the sex, the status of functionalityà of the placenta (aging), and finally the momentary situation longitudianale-oblique-and cross presentation cephalic, breech, shoulder, etc. of the fetus.

normally at this gestational age the fetus is in a situation, longitudinal, that is; the rear end against the diaphragm and the probe placed on the axis of the pubis ready to engage, that is, to enter in the birth canal (Tab1).

examination is absolutely painless and totally harmless. Even if sometimes the news in the press complaining of “damage” by ultrasound, these news are regularly denied by authoritative centers around the world and from the statistics collected up to now.

In conclusion, the examination practiced by specialists in the field with suitable equipment allows you to see inside of the womb, without harm to anyone, as it grows and prepares to the birth of our son.

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Recently, the authoritative experts in the field advise that you perform together with the ultrasound examination in the last two months of pregnancy, especially in cases where the fetus is small and is not proportionate, the doppler maternal and fetal.

The doppler is an examination completely harmless, easy to do, which assesses the flow of blood that nourishes the fetus, which indicates to us in a timely manner to situations of suffering that need treatment and special care.



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