Breeding chicken farm

All those who are a bit older have seen how they raise chickens a few years ago. They lived in their pens, in a free ranging, running with the hours of sunlight, picking herbs and digging to find worms.

Among the chickens, hens and cocks of the corral they established relations of hierarchy as are animals that are very territorial. The life expectancy of these chickens was much longer than that of chickens raised on farms, and of course enjoy it much more.

it is Also true that the consumption of chicken is only produced on rare occasions, today we eat chicken regularly without stop to think about how they are reared these animals.

farm chicks

The farms are establishments where chickens live confined in extreme conditions.
The breeding chicken farm is a business of producing meat, so nobody cares that the farms meet some minimum conditions for the animals have a life “worthy”, to which also they are entitled.

The farms are large halls in winter are heated with the heat produced by the animals themselves and in summers they have very poor ventilation it is not strange that when the temperatures are very high, the chickens die, suffocated by the heat.

Breeding chicken farm

The ships that are used for the breeding of chickens can hold up to 25,000 birds.
So many animals together, which makes suffer from stress, and to strive for get a little bit of space picoteándose with so much violence that at times killing each other.

The chickens are genetically selected to convert them into hungry animals who will not stop eating, in addition to the lights of the ships are kept lit most of the night, quickly reaching the weight “ideal”.

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This is so quick and artificial breeding of chickens affects many animals as they reach a excessive weight so they suffer deformations in both of their skeletons as their internal organs.
This fattening exaggerated them produces syndromes liver and kidney, and also heart attacks, which are caused by excess fat.

Already have the weight and now what?

As we have already said breeding chicken farm is a business, and of course once the chicks are about three weeks of age and weight need to are transported from the ships of the farm to the slaughterhouse.

A nice trip in first class: The chickens are transported to the slaughterhouse in plastic boxes stacked on top of suffering some terrible conditions of temperature, blows by the road. Throughout the trip, which can reach 24 hours, the animals have no access to food or water.

And when they arrive they are transported to the area of stun, where they are usually electrocuted. Sometimes the system of electrical stunning does not work, which causes the chicken to retain consciousness. Then they kill them by cutting off the neck, so that it desangren, or them. After giving them a hot bath, the water reaches about 65┬║C, for desplumarlos while some animals are still conscious when this operation is performed.

A little ray of hope

The European Commission has proposed a community regulation with measures to ensure that the rearing of chickens is carried out with a bit of thinking on the welfare of chickens, such as limiting the density of animals on farms, and requirements in terms of ventilation, noise, or light.

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The Commission proposes that, in the farms, the maximum density of chickens per square meter does not exceed 30 k. weight. That limit will rise to 38 k. if in the inspections of slaughterhouses can prove that animals have not suffered problems due to lack of well-being.