Diet: make the mashed potatoes light

a Soft, creamy and full of taste, the purè is without a doubt one of those dishes to which you surrender with greater difficulty; and when he is on a diet. You know, forò that with a few tricks it is possible to cut the calories of your purè preserving the taste that you love so much. The moves are simple and fast, but it really is precious for anyone who is on a diet. First of all you need to season the purè with other vegetables, then the butter should be replaced with l’oil, while the taste in the più the dish can give the herbs and pepper.

The portion of the classic purè that is obtained with two potatoes, about half a glass of milk, a knob of butter and a few tablespoons of grated cheese, makes about 400 calories. Are really too many for a single contour. We propose, therefore, some light alternatives to the usual purè, these dishes light, with a maximum of 200 calories, complete from the nutritional point of view and able to give a good sense of sazietà.

the recipes of The purè light

Purè al pomodoro

this Is a side dish that is tasty and anti-età with an intake of sun 200 calories. To prepare it you need to boil in a pot with dell’s salt water, a medium potato with all the skin. When sarà it is cooked you need to peel it and pass it into the potato ricer. Browned, then the potato mashed in a pan with half an onion sliced very fine, a teaspoon extra virgin olive oil’olive oil and po’ d’water. Then add a nice cup of tomato sauce and let cook for a half’now. When sarà ready, add the potato crushed, mix well, turn off the heat. finally, season it with two leaves of basil, a nice little’ of pepper and oregano. Serve in a hot dish, with a good sprinkling of grated cheese.

Purè ai broccoletti

this recipe will take only 200 kcal and you will have stock of vitamins and minerals. Boil a medium potato with the peel in the’salt water, when it is cooked pelala and pass it along with potato masher. Do fry everything in a pot with a clove of garlic, a teaspoon d’extra virgin olive oil’olive oil and a bit’ of water. After a while,’ add 150 g of broccoli, boiled, cooked, two anchovies chopped, a bit’ of white wine and potato. Amalgam and servants.

Purè with pumpkin and mushrooms

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a Soft, creamy and full of taste, the purè è without a doubt one of those dishes…


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a Soft, creamy and full of taste, the purè è without a doubt one of those dishes…

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