Fight cellulite and lose weight with the pie with artichokes and ricotta cheese

The artichokes these are the vegetables of this season, rich in vitamins and useful for all’s body, but also of water and mineral salts. Are perfect not only to lose weight, but also to combat effectively the cellulite. This imperfection, in fact, you canò defeat as well at the table eating the foods that help to drain liquids, and to reduce the fat pads. Today we propose you a recipe that has as main ingredient, artichokes, accompanied by a’other, the food tasty and lean, i.e. the ricotta, cow, fresh, creamy, but absolutely super light.

With these two ingredients you can create a’excellent savoury pie from eat Sunday for lunch with the whole family or to use at dinner or when you’re at work as dish. The savoury tart of artichokes and ricotta cheese, in fact, offers all the propertiesà healthy referred to the need forò to lose nothing in terms of taste.

A slice of this pie è, in fact, delicious, perfect even if served cut into cubes as an aperitif, light to do with friends. In this way you will not miss anything as for the taste, but you will retain your enviable line. Each slice delivers only 300 calories può be accompanied by a nice salad or a side dish light among those that will often offer.

alternatively, if you do not like artichokes, you can replace them with spinach, but also with the diet or with any other vegetables you like. If you want a taste a bit’ più decided to put in the ricotta cheese and a drop of gorgonzola, darà at all a sprint to the più.

Recipe of the pie with artichokes and ricotta cheese


  • puff paste,
  • 6 artichokes,
  • 200 grams of ricotta cheese
  • extra virgin olive oil’olive,
  • lemon juice,
  • salt and pepper to taste.


Clean well the artichokes and affettali putting them then into a bowl with water and lemon juice to not make them black. Leave them to soak for a’hour or so, then scola artichokes and let them cook in a pan with a little d’extra virgin olive oil’olive oil. When they are cooked amalgamali with the ricotta to create a good cream.

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Name…Alessandra Nana

January 27, 2014 at 18:37

Good pie with artichokes and ricotta cheese!

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