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When the ecosystem is altered, perché, for example, take the antibiotics (but if you need more you need them!) or hire a quantity; excessive carbohydrate, or we wear too tight, può be favoured with respect to the other flora resident, and give us very very very annoyed. See how to cure it and how to prevent it.

“the Candida, I have all the symptoms, but treatment? At least 3 years in the 10 days between ovulation happens to me of all, all of the symptoms that I read in the treatises on the candida, pain with urination, burning, intimate, feeling of warmth, itching, bad odours, loss, feeling of weight in the bladder, the feeling of not having emptied, pain in the kidneys, intestines super irritable… have 10 days from the nightmare, no medicine is nothing.” 

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  • Candida questions and answers

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