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First email. I’m submitting annual check up complete blood for infectious diseases such as hepatitis and hiv, visits to a gynaecologist colposcopy, transvaginal ultrasound and pelvic examinations, and mammography, with significant economic costs, now I have discovered that I also suffer from hemorrhoids and I would need a visit with a proctologo to perform an anoscopy,

(omossis), however, because I care about my health I would like to continue to do each year these controls, also thanks to the internet I have found centers such as (omitted) offer: conversation with the doctor to set the instrumental diagnostic tests are necessary, medical examination general gynecological examination, visit for women with breast cancer, visit proctologica, visit the prostatic advice for thyroid disease.

The Center offers, free of charge, the (continued) engineering controls, that is; the test for occult blood in the stool. The diagnostic instrumental concern examinations: mammography bilateral breast ultrasound bilateral, thyroid ultrasound, ultrasound liver and the pancreas, ultrasound of the pelvis (uterus and adnexa), renal sonography, ultrasound of the prostate, the recto-sigmoidoscopy, colposcopy, pap-test.

All this for a membership of 150, – euro, now it is so for the expense, but the fact is that are not always found doctors women and here is for me the main obstacle, I refer, of course, only the tests on gynecology, examination, mammography, and last but not least and very important is the proctology examination and anoscopico.

Can you direct me towards some center, or clinic, or family planning clinics where you can make all other examinations of the prevention of tumour throughout the body and to the examination proctologico where there are doctors women, in particular, for this last exam (anoscopy)? From the last where I can do the annual check up blood and urine test without spending 300,00 euro in spite of the request of the physician of the ASL.

First response

Dearest one, in reality, even if I tell you something that perhaps will leaveà a bit puzzled, I think that some of these tests you may or may not get them … for example: You have risk factors for hepatitis or HIV? You have unprotected sex with new people? Receive transfusions? Then you may or may not make them, or just stick to the HCV, to whom we do not know well the modeà transmission. Perchè do all the years the colposcopy?

And’ a second level review, which is indicated in the case of abnormal pap test …. in general you do not, but if you want to do it I would say that every two or three years, è già a lot. No one has ever shown that women who regularly perform an ultrasound of the pelvic in the total absence of noise are better than the other. Ovarian cancer, for example, which is typically diagnosed late, it is diagnosed late, the più sometimes the use of ultrasound (150 euro however it seems to me that also include these tests, and then, perhaps, a little evil.,even if the ticket is added, the più or less, I believe, would give the same number)

in Addition to thereò, are you sure that 300 euros for the analysis of blood the amount this right that you have to pay? The maximum amount for each recipe is about 35 euros, it means that your doctor makes you nine recipes for blood tests, each with eight analysis, 9 for 8= 72 analysis …. seems a little strange …. not è that you go to get them from a “partner” and no one has warned that if the did it in the Hospital rispamieresti a lot of money? Often the secretaries of studies of the affiliated are taught to say things confused like “so these here the pay, however, does not pass right”, hiding the fact that the national health system, at the request of the general practitioner, pass any examination, the only limit being that some of them must be performed in the Hospital.

I don’t know what effect you did to my response, still write, if you want to. For what concerns the other visits, frankly, I think only the mapping, that you can do at the San Gallicano 06/56622727e for the visit proctologica, I think that calling the 800 98 68 68, and by asking the kind girls of the RETRIEVE, if there is a proctologa female, you might be able … otherwise let me know that I try to cercartela. It seems to me, for the rest, that you make even moreù of what I usually do.

Seconda email

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Gent.but Dr. ssa Elisabetta Canitano, I have to say that what she writes on the prevention and, in particular, on my request to make a specific test for HPV, who in your opinion is useless, even if I have it what can I do? Nothing seen that is incurable, it clashes strongly with my sense of prevention and of the right to know what is happening to me and my state of health becauseè, in the extreme case of the disease, I will be on time and able to attempt any way possible, to never give up!!

This his judgment of “fatalità” in regard to the possibilityà to do the test, collides with an opinion widely held of women and doctors who think the opposite like me. For this, I send you some links of sites that I discovered by myself!!, which will be very useful if not more to understand that the form of “censorship”, let me pass the word on, which she has implemented in my respect as a patient and woman, and that I think takes with all his patients is to blame.

I look deep trust and honesty; from my doctor, which must not hide anything, also it was the più terrible, put your head in the sand not to see, like the ostrich, I do not think a mature or adaptive behavior n is smart…perhaps this is why in our country there is much ignorance and misinformation, especially in regard to women!!!

I Think to me that, in spite of regular controls and are not afraid to introduce me to the doctor, I often find myself resorting to my understanding, the spirit of initiative, patience and a long search to discover and become aware of the things that is my right to know, regardless of the fact that disbursement a lot of money for my health, and that the doctor should be the first to explain to me from the first moment that I met him!! all of this is frustrating. Here that if I have to spend a fortune toò the test for HPV and I agree with doctors, politicians, and supporters of the Association “european women in favor of their HPV test” that it takes to bring women to the knowledge of the virus HPV which acknowledged cause of 99.7% of cases of cancer of the neck of the uterus, and make sí that one day the test HPV to be introduced as a complement to the traditional Pap test in routine screening across Europe, national.

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Second answer

Dear lady, I fear that she has never heard of a thing called the Evidence based medicine, that is, medicine based on evidence. On our site, which willà to find authoritative voices, including the Mario Negri institute in Milan, and others, who speak of what is useful or not is useful to do. I have the honour to confirm, however, that much of the information that is on the internet are driven by the pharmaceutical industry and the industries of the reagents, and that is often understandable easily if what we read is a freedom of information, which really serves to patients or serving to the manufacturer of medicines and reagents in the laboratory.

, However, are not I personally cannot recommend the test for HPV with women who have a pap test negative, but è the task force to combat the cancer of Europe, which manages the screening against the cancer, and that currently in use by our Ministry of health. The council to visit the site www.saperidoc.it the cross-reference in all discussions on the eticità to know, for example, our genetic predispositions to various diseases. Furthermore, to understand how we are sometimes manipulated by the pharmaceutical companies, both us as physicians that our patients, può read the text that is in the bottom of the message.

I Understand, however, is the desire for the medicine, simply, più know better ago, but this is true for the già sick, and in truthà, and not the healthy. If, overlooking the one of which I have spoken, the want to, we can talk about it.

sincerely Elisabetta Canitano, responsible for the ASL RM D, the third and fourth district of the second level of screening against cancer of the neck of the uterus. the

P.S. Go anyway to do the analysis in the Hospital, give me straight, are great laboratories where you can; trust. the

P. P. S the sites on which the law, all those things on the tests for HPV are funded from the houses that manufacture the reagents ….. a word to the wise……

Text recommended Marco Bobbio – I Swear to practise medicine in libertà and independence Medical and industry, Einaudi


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