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Dear Sirs, I was very impressed by the reviews of the cellulite creams mainly because; most, if not all, are cosmetic preparations which, therefore, can hardly relieve the imperfections due to the disease of cellulite. As ever, your association does not review, prepared for OTC, e.g. Ops? that they at least have a minimum of clinical tests? I would like your opinion on it.

Somatoline crema

Dear lady, I am very pleased that my article on cellulite creams has hit, it is in our intent to write with clarity. The choice to speak only of cellulite creams for cosmetic use has been motivated by the fact that they are the products of the più advertised and più sold. Keep in mind that I don’t consider ethically valid to compare medicines (otc) products of perfumery. I come to my opinion about the Ops cream. The manufacturer has placed on the market two packages of sale of 10 and 30 sachets, each envelope unit-dose contains the following active ingredients: levothyroxine 10 mg, escin 30 mg.

instructions are on the leaflet it is recommended that the application of one to two sachets per day, corresponding to a dose of 10-20 mg of levothyroxine and 30 to 60 mg of escin. Both drug substances are fully included in therapeutic dosages. The levothyroxine (extract from the thyroid, trade name, ” – Int) should be used with caution and under strict medical supervision in cases of myocardial infarction, page, heart failure, tachycardia. The use of drugs such activity; the thyroid is not recommended in pregnancy and breastfeeding, and può cause minor reactions such as: liver dysfunction, fever, muscle weakness, insomnia, tachycardia, diarrhea, headache, eccitabilità, weight loss.

The escin indicated in edema, trauma and venous stasis; is contraindicated if administered simultaneously with aminoglycoside antibiotics (gentamicin) and anticoagulants. I believe, for the reasons set out above that the preparation of Ops (otc drug), sold without the doctor’s prescription, should be used with caution and always under medical supervision.

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