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In general, warts are cutaneous formations, or growths, to the touch, hard, caused by a papilloma virus hand (HPV). Plantar warts are characterized becauseé are form on the feet. The points più frequent are those where a higher pressure is exerted, then on the sole, on the heel or on the toe of the foot.

The pressure to which are subjected the feet, which must bear the load of the body weight, può cause the growth of plantar warts that grow in depthà under a layer of hardened skin, that is; the callus.

typically, the plantar warts simple are the più frequent. Form più often on the sole of the foot or on the heel, the less between your fingers. Often they go in depthà and ache when you are standing or walking. My fingers are rather thick and rough, sometimes scaly. The color è più or less yellow.

The plantar warts periungual, however, are those that form near the nails. In this case, the complication that you canò present is the growth of warts between the nail and the tissue on which it rests (the nail bed).

The plantar warts mosaic, appear less frequently warts or simple plantar. As the name suggests, are formed by small structures arranged like the tiles of a mosaic.

it Is a disorder that is very widespread, and mostly, the majority of the plantar warts do not represent a health problem. Sometimes tend to disappear from the sun without resorting to treatments. However, plantar warts can cause discomfort or pain. In this case, the available treatments, self-care and, if they do not give the expected results, sarà necessary to resort to the care of a doctor.


After the infection, the virus HPV can stay latent for a long time without giving symptoms or indicate in any way its presence. When the symptoms of plantar warts occur may include:

  • the Presence of cutaneous formations più hard, compared to the skin of the foot. To the touch are rough, take the form of small dots that the pressure exerted on the foot causes it to expand. In some cases, can increase in number and size up to make it difficult to walk.
  • The color varies between brown and yellowish.
  • the

  • Presence of black points on the lesion (the blood vessels coagulating)
  • You feel pain when walking or standing.

it is advisable to seek medical attention when:

  • You nourish any doubt about the type of injury (if you think that’s not a wart).
  • the

  • If the lesion causes pain or changes in appearance.
  • the

  • If you have diabetes, and an altered sensitivityà to walk (if you feel less sensations of pain, temperature changes, vibrations).
  • the

  • If you have a weakened immune system for the intake of immunosuppressive drugs, HIV, AIDS.
  • the

  • If warts interfere with your activitiesà everyday.
  • the

  • If, despite treatment, the lesions do not disappear or recur, increase in number or size.
  • the

  • When the accused muscle or joint pain. Because of the pain brought by plantar warts, unknowingly you change your posture.
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plantar warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). Were identified more than a hundred strains of the virus, but only a few can cause infection which, in turn, is responsible for the onset of plantar warts.


Every person responds in a different way when it comes in contact with the virus, it is said that, once you have come in contact with HPV, you may receive the infection, and then you have the warts. It depends, in fact, from the modeà of the reaction and by the conditions of the immune system.

strains of the virus which cause plantar warts are not highly contagious, a circumstance which limits the risk of direct infection between people. However, the HPV virus prefers warm and moist, then all the environments, which ensure that these conditions are in places at risk of infection. Why and highly recommended not to walk barefoot in pools or in gyms or in locker rooms.

So thaté the contagion to occur, the virus needs an entrance “easy” in an area of the foot, for example:

• Injury to the skin such as cuts or scratches.
• Skin is cracked or very dry.
• Skin moist and yield più soft and fragile after a long stay in the water.
• once contract, after the incubation period, the virus does not always report his presence, but può remain latent for a long period of time.

risk Factors

All can contract plantar warts, however, the risk is raised in the report:


  • To a weak immune system.
  • the

  • If the person has già had plantar warts before.
  • the

  • To età: children and young people are those most affected.
  • the

  • If the person exposed to the infection by walking barefoot in environments where the virus that causes warts is often present, such as gyms, saunas, swimming pools or public showers.


In the majority of cases, plantar warts disappear without treatment. If you do not have the particular discomfort, just a little patience, and wait for to heal it can take up to two years).

If, however, the warts hurt, or continue to spread or increase of volume, it is possible to use home remedies available in pharmacies without a prescription. Keep in mind that you may need daily and repeated applications before getting the plantar warts.

If, despite the patience and perseverance, these treatments do not produce the desired results, you can resort to the care of the doctor who has a number of options at his disposal, some of which they can do at home.


  • the salicylic Acid. You can find it at the pharmacy without a prescription in the form of liquid, gel or ointment. You can apply it at home, the treatments must be regular and a little bit at a time remove layers of the wart. The application must be performed with caution, only on the wart, sinceé the salicylic acid, as all of keratolytics, dissolves keratin è può damage healthy skin.
  • the

  • the Cryotherapy. The doctor può suggerivi to use salicylic acid at home, by combining it with another treatment when you go to his study, that of freezing (cryotherapy). For this type of treatment uses liquid nitrogen that the doctor applies on the wart. Può be painful, and are required, generally, repeated treatments. Cryotherapy può also be used as the only treatment, however, if combined with salicylic acid, according to some studies, the best results are obtained.
    If the treatments described above do not improve the situation, the doctor may use other acids such as bicloroacetico or trichloroacetic. Are corrosive solutions that should be applied after you have shaved the wart. The application power of attorney, burning, and pain, è necessary to perform more treatments per week.
  • the

  • the immune Therapy. As we mentioned, the HPV virus responsible for warts is the easy road when occurs a decrease in the immune system. Then, one of the systems that the doctor might recommend, is to stimulate the immune system with medications or solutions that can be injected or applied on the warts.



  • the laser treatment. With the laser the doctor sears small blood vessels that feed the wart. With this treatment, the infected tissue dies and detaches. There is still evidence of the effectiveness of the procedure, is rather expensive, painful and can leave scars.
  • the

  • the surgical Removal. Generally it is used when other methods have failed. The doctor removes surgically the wart. It is a small intervention, however può be painful, which is why può be given a local anesthesia. Può leave scars, for which this type of treatment is used mainly for the plantar warts.

home Remedies


  • the salicylic Acid. And the treatment described above. Before applying the medication, typically, it is recommended to soak the wart in warm water for about twenty minutes, then scrape the dead cells with pumice stone or nail files disposable (not to be put in common with other people to avoid passing on the infection). If you use an application liquid, andrà applied twice a day. You will haveà proceed for several weeks before getting the wart.
  • the

  • the Cryotherapy. The treatment with liquid nitrogen must be performed by a medical doctor, however, are to be found in the pharmacy of the kit can be used at home.
  • the

  • the Tape. Anyone who has tried this system refers to the good results. The idea is to apply on the wart duct tape silver. It must be kept in for six days, then removed. Once removed, the wart should be soaked in water, using a pumice stone to scrape off dead cells. When this operation is finished, leave it exposed to the wart for 12 hours, then repeat the treatment. It goes così on up to the disappearance of the wart.

natural Remedies


  • silver Nitrate. It is marketed in solution or ointment.
  • the

  • zinc. It is sold both as an ointment and in pills. The first should be applied on the wart, while the use of the pills may help the immune system, by integrating a possible zinc deficiency.
  • the

  • Smoke. The wart will affumica using a dedicated “smoke box”. It is a treatment that comes from chinese medicine, you will burn the leaves of a particular poplar that takes the name of Populus euphratica, of which the smoke should give the benefit. Attention to the burns.


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