4 tips for using tampons

from the first menstrual cycle, the woman must find a type of protection in which she feels comfortable and safe, whether it is a towel female or the famous tampons. Both products promise to keep you dry and odor free, but you have to take into account other features to choose them.

according To information published in the Huffpost Voices, only you have the power to choose and try out different items until you find one that meets your needs. But, sure, you’ll wonder: how will I know?, what should I take into account?, how safe are they?, how do you put? For this reason, and on this occasion we give you the following tips to learn how to use tampons:

  1. Used tampons organic cotton: These products, when they are not organic, contain pesticides and other toxic chemicals, such as chlorine, used to process the cotton. In addition, these items are smaller, so that are discrete to carry in your bag.
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  3. Choose the tampons without an applicator of cardboard or plastic: Some of the components of these products can trigger health disorders with the time.
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  5. Wash your hands: Before and after the introduction of the tampons, it is important to have a good hygiene. Remember to change them every four hours.
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  7. Avoid tampons that have fragrances: The perfume is derived from phthalates, a chemical that can generate health problems. It is not necessary that the products have a fragrance you only have to carry a hygiene constant and correct during the period.

Detect the risks of using tampons

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using the pads of an improperly may generate an excessive growth of bacteria, which in some cases triggers toxic shock syndrome, which can be deadly in 50% of cases.

on the other hand, some studies from the FDA have ruled that the tampons detonate cancer, because the quantities of dioxin and chlorine that are recorded in them are not harmful to the female body, if they were higher it would be a matter of concern. the And you, what protection product intimate you prefer?