The 5 Legends Brazil’s most mysterious

There are many things in this world that defy our simple human logic… And the imagination of the people can be an extremely powerful instrument to try to explain the inexplicable!

Check out some of the legends and stories more mysterious that dreaded brazilians in the last years!

1. The knives of the doll Fofão

If you lived his childhood between the decades of 1980 and 1990, it sure reminds of Fofão, right? An alien that came from planet Fofolândia, and that it was very successful to the side of the class of Balloon Magic on TV!

Interpreted by Orival Pessini, Fofão was adored by all the kids of the time, at least until something very bizarre to have been discovered…

The doll’s Fofão – a great success of sales at the time – was hiding a secret police, and that sparked a panic among adults and children: who opened the belly of the doll was a knife black riveted in the middle of your body!

Began to emerge several rumors around the object, being that the most popular accused of the knife black be part of a demonic pact, indicating that this object would be the weapon given to the doll so that it could kill their “owners” during the night!

The legend gained even more strength with the amazing similarity between the puppet of Fofão and the Chucky, known as the “toy killer” in the United States, and that terrified the americans at the time.

2. Xuxa and the pact with the devil

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apparently, the “pacts devilish,” were fashionable in the 1980s… But, in the case of the legend involving the “Queen of the Shorties”, the gruesome stories went beyond the “dolls possessed”.

At the beginning of his vocal career, many people believed that She had made a deal with Beelzebub to achieve your success.

And, as a thank you, the artist had to “conquer” as much as possible of the souls to the “king of darkness”. For this, supposedly, hiding subliminal messages in their songs.

If you doubt this, runs to her mother’s home and rescue the LP from the album Xou da Xuxa. according To the legend, the chorus to “alternative” music Sweet Honey (played backwards) will make you have nightmares for a good time!

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3. The Gang of Clown

as scary As the Parsimonious – supernatural creature that takes the form of a creepy clown in the work It, Stephen King – the Gang of Clown took away the sleep of many people during the decade of the 1990’s in Brazil!

The legend became popular thanks to a series of publications made by the newspaper “Popular News”, reproducing the case of a serial-killer that if you wore a clown and killed children in the United States, during the 1960s.

does Not take long for a brazilian version of the story began to make his victims! According to legend, several people in disguise clowns sequestravam children in the metropolitan region of São Paulo to snatch their organs and sell on the black market.

according To alleged witnesses, the criminal gang of clowns walked through the town in a Kombi blue, and practiced the acts of the most inhuman and macabre with their victims… small and helpless children.

4. AND Varginha

The small brazilian town of Varginha has gained international prominence when the alleged beings from another galaxy decided to move to that region.

In 1996, the Brazil stopped to watch a series of bizarre happenings and mysterious deaths that were happening in the city of Varginha.

A creature of brown skin, red eyes and lumps sharp in the head came to live in the imagination of the people of that city, who claim to have been confronted with the existence of beings that do not belong to this world…

After several years, the case of the ET of Varginha remains a great mystery.

5. Chupa-cabra

also Known as the “vampire of the Americas”, there is a brazilian that has lived in the 1990s and don’t know what a Chupa-cabra!

The legend began in Puerto Rico, but does not take long to become one of histories most mysterious and macabre of Brazil!

Everything started in 1995, when several goats were found dead with injuries from bites in their necks, and with a particularity very bizarre: all the blood in their bodies had been drained!

Thousands of cases of pets attacked by this “be vampiresco” emerged in a few months. Therefore, the idea of a show bloodsucking spread through the popular imagination.

it May seem the story to scare a little child, but many adults swear feet together that you have already spotted the famous Chupa-cabra!

BONUS: Boot-Languages

The name already gives chills, doesn’t it?

Imagine you walking down the street during the night and, suddenly, gives a guy with a monster gruesome and hairy, that runs towards you, grabs your neck and immediately puts his hand on her throat to pluck the tongue with all the strength!

Well, this is the fear that round years ago the state of Goiás: the Start-Languages.

according To the popular story, the Start-Tongues is the spirit cursed a woman who has the pleasure of plucking and eating the tongues of animals and people.

The aspect of evil, the strength and the speed of the Boot-Languages makes its victim has no chance of yelling for help before the show to have his tongue in his hands…

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