Zerodiet: l’earring slimming it is not effective

You are talking about in these days of a jewelry magnetic miraculous that allows people to lose weight. There have also been some tramissioni Italian television, as a door-to-Door, they spoke of the great efficacy of this Zerodiet. According to l’company that l’has made this earring magnetic allows to reduce the sense of hunger through a system of acupuncture. Even, Zerodiet, you can eat up to 39 % less) and consequently leads to a loss fast weight up to 5 kg.

L’the Authoritiesà Antitrust forò you è hurled against this type of product, and has fined the companyà Fitness for advertising; misleading. It would, in short, of the’umpteenth time a buffalo coming from some companies that take advantage of the weak point of many people, as one of the diet, to sell. In a few words, according to l’s Antitrust the scientific results that have emerged from’s use of Zerodiet are not in-depth, but there are also suspicions as to the real success. In short, quest’s earring, magnetic has not had no concrete evidence of its effectiveness, indeed, it would, at the time the product is still in experimental stage.

The thing più serious is that there have been television programs that have fostered this advertising; misleading, by sponsoring a product, which costs about 49 euros and you can buy it only online, that in reality does not seem to be così as effective as you want to believe. And it’ s clear that people will attempt to try them all to lose weight, but to take them così in the round is not going well. the Zerodiet è a’another hoax like so many products of this kind.

hard Times for the methods miraculous that promise weight loss easier. L’latest hoax on the subject of weight loss unmasked from’s Antitrust concernsZerodiet and his earring magnetic.

Zerodiet è, in fact a earring magnetic whose funzionamnto is based on the principles of the’acupuncture, which promises the loss of at least a 3.6 kilos in a month.

Zerodiet l’earring magnetic &has been sold at a cost of 49,00 euros.L’orecchimo magnetic is based on the principles of auriculotherapy, a science, according to which some of the stimuli that arrive to’s ear can act on  liberation of neurotransmitters which can lead to various therapeutic effects.

L’earring magnetic promises, therefore, to stimulate the release of certain neurotransmitters and   act on the reduction of the’appetite.

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