Lean in a hurry with the tomatoes with the rice

Who’s said that the recipes of the Italian tradition must be fat and greasy. Today we propose you a recipe for super light, but also very good that is a part of traditional roman cuisine. These are the tomatoes with the rice, a dish from the flavour of summer, lightweight, easy to prepare and, above all, with very few calories.

più è a dish which you fill and then you will immediately feel more satisfied, and più long. Usually you accompany it with potatoes, but we do them to you we propose with a beautiful salad for a plate light and super dietary. Be sure to have tomatoes big and beautiful firm and prepare this dish for losing weight, drain liquids and stay young più long.

lose weight thanks to the tomatoes with the rice

The tomatoes with the rice are l’ideal to lose weight, you can eat them cold or warm, portals at the beach with you to feel immediately full thanks to this unique dish and enjoy something fresh and fast. Then remember to not put a lot of salt and season the tomatoes with the spices to make them tasty, but super light. The tomatoes are indeed rich in propertiesà for the your weight loss and your beauty. Are natural antioxidants and help to drain fluid and remove cellulite.

recipe of the tomatoes with the rice

Ingredients (for two people):

4 red tomatoes, and large, mature enough
120 grams of arborio rice
clove of garlic
oil  extra-virgin olive oil


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Who’s said that the recipes of the Italian tradition have to be fatty and greasy….

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Who’s said that the recipes of the Italian tradition have to be fatty and greasy….

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