La cuarta generación phoneía móvil, aún más peligrosa para la salud —

You only need to use half an hour a m’fel fourth generation’re based in the technologyíto LTE (Long Term Evolution) to affect neuronal activity and not s’in the área close to where we sit&number;but on both sides of the brain. You just see a work made by a group of researchers of the Academy of Research’n in Telecommunications -belonging to the Academy of Sciences of China – that with the títitle The alteration of spontaneous low frequency oscillations caused by acute electromagnetic fields exposure has just been published in Neurofisiología Clínica.
To state it we did an experiment to double-blind, cross-over, randomized, design&bathrooms;ado in order to eliminate any possible desviaci’re in the exposed to 18 users to radiaci’a teléfono m’vile LTE located to a centímeters of the right ear for 30 minutes and ensureásure that the amount of radiaci’n absorbed by the brain is always within the límites international legal midiéwith the brain activity of each participant by means of resonance magnética in two moments: after the exhibit’n radiaci’re microwave and afterés exhibit’re simulated. Both the amplitude of low frequency fluctuations (ALFF) fluctuations characterífeatures fundamental brain at rest – as the fracci’n of the sum of amplitudes (fALFF) to characterize the brain activity spontaneouslyánea. Well, comprob’ that the value of ALFF disminuy’ around the superior temporal gyrus to left, the circunvoluci’re middle temporal left, the circunvoluci’re superior temporal right, the circunvoluci’n half front right and the l’hoax paracentral right afterés of the exhibit’re. It was also observ’ a disminuci’n of the value of fALFF in the middle frontal gyrus right and in the l’hoax paracentral right.
The conclusion’n of the researchers was clear: the radiaci’n of these m’vile incident in the neurons of the users in a very short time affecting fíbasically the brain functioning. Something that many times we have denounced in this magazine and that time and again denies an industry that shamefully defend the government when it is certain that the habitual use of the teléfono m’vile has already partnered long-term with a greater risk of cácancer of the head and neck, da&bath;os in sperm, and others.

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